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Reliable & Affordable Virtual Assistant Services

At BPO.Guru We have a team of experienced and dedicated virtual assistants working remotely to provide services on as and when basis. We understand the stresses of running a business and with our years of experience, we can ease doing business for you. Your Success is our success. With today’s technology there isn’t much that an in-house personal assistant can do that our virtual assistant can’t deliver. There are virtually no limits of support that we can provide, having professionals with diverse range of background and worked with clients from across different industries. If you require a graphics designer or an SEO specialist we have them all working in-house. However, if you require an individual with unique skill-set we will get the resource hired for you in shortest time possible, meeting your exact criteria to work with you seamlessly, at less than half the cost.


We provide reliable and affordable virtual assistant services for all your business needs. If your business is small or large our virtual assistants will understand your particular business needs and assist you as and when you need them.


Cost is one of the prime concern for everyday time-consuming and laborious business processes. Because of their recurring and ongoing nature, such processes can take enormous share from budget. At BPO.Guru we provide Virtual Assistant as low as £3.49/hour saving your budget to spend on actually growing your business.


Imagine you went abroad on critical business meeting with everything planned but forgot to book a cab from airport to office. Such petty yet critical tasks can have significant impact on your business. Our Virtual Assistants make sure your to-do list is always taken care of and all your personal or official activities go smooth as planned, without you even knowing.


Regardless you own a small store across the street or large scale organisation, our Virtual Assistant can provide service based on your specific individual needs. We do have in-house resources covering a diverse range of processes, but if you require any unique set of skill-set we can hire someone meeting your exact criteria at less than half the price.



It is a fact that there is a comfort zone with your in-house resources as compared to a psychological barrier for virtual or outsourced resources. A barrier that restricts you from hiring a virtual resource, however considering their advantages virtual resources will surpass the comfort and benefit (both monetary and non-monetary terms). For us communication is imperative, with highly responsive communication you will hardly ever feel your assistant is not in your office and working remotely.

Unlike most organisations, we work together as family, supporting and helping each other producing unique and unparalleled synergies. With such approach our virtual assistant can be lot more productive than other service providers. We have such a unique mechanism, that if an assistant is facing difficulty with a particular task, another assistant will join him immediately to support in order to complete the task in time without any additional cost for the client. This has help us to ensure the timely completion of tasks, create strong bond between our assistants and clients get work done on time, always.



Everyone do things the way they have always been done in traditional ways, we do it creatively. Our virtual assistant have been working with a different clients in different industries, bringing tons of experience and fresh perspective in doing traditional processes. The results are evident, more productive, efficient and precise.

Adding the experience and expertise of our virtual assistant along with the latest tool and technology, we can bring life to your dull and boring office routine. Freeing up your valuable time from laborious daily tasks so you can actually focus on growing your business.



Businesses are getting tougher with every passing day because of fierce competition. The only key for survival is maintaining steady increase in sales as well as keeping the cost low. We can help you with both and ensuring you and your business stay healthy and flourishing. Growing your business by retaining existing customer by providing excellent customer services and attracting new customers through online and social media marketing.

You can significantly reduce your cost by hiring our virtual assistant. With minimum wage of £7-£9 per hour, depending upon your location, you can hire same resource as low as £3.49 per hour and make an annual saving of up to £11,773 per assistant.

Wide & Powerful


Personal Assistant

Remembering all the important thing so you don't forget and experience disappointment. Be it contacting your holiday hotel to reserve vegetarian meal for you or remembering your loved one's birthday and sending them gifts. Our assistant will have it all done for you, so you can just enjoy your relaxed personal life.

List of services

  • Booking & Scheduling appoints
  • Proofreading content
  • Planning events
  • Email management
  • Completing to-do list
  • Reminding anniversaries or birthdays
  • Selecting and sending gifts

Office Assistant

A good administration is the key to most business′ success. For most owners/managers the day is consumed managing least productive tasks including rescheduling meeting, proofreading content or entering data. Our VAs are equipped to organise your daily tasks and complete them for you making you more productive and efficent.

List of services

  • Email management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Travel plan management
  • Book keeping
  • Database management
  • Data entry and data migration
  • Notes and transcription writing

Customer Services

Customer are the heart of your business and we make sure your heart is well looked after. Be it your existing customer or potential customer, we make sure that everyone gets individual attention towards achieving not better, but excellent experience with your company. Better experience leads to repeat sales and longer customer retention.

List of services

  • Online live chat support
  • Email support
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • After sales support
  • Order processing & tracking
  • Complaints & Refund processing
  • Obtaining feedback & Surveys

Research & Documentation

Although Google knows everything, finding the most appropriate and relevant search takes endless hours. From finding statistics online to searching any data for you or even finding the best deal available, we save you a great deal of time and energy. You do not have to read countless page, we will write a short excerpt (usually one page) for your reference.

List of services

  • Online Research
  • Reading and summarising publications
  • Archiving and managing data
  • Finding best deal/supplier/product etc.
  • Preparing presentation
  • Managing spreadsheets
  • Proofreading & editing content

Social Media Management

Having a business profile in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram gives your company a greater edge in the digital market. However managing all these accounts take enormous time, we help your business acquire a solid social media presence that helps in greater audience reach and increased traffic.

List of services

  • Managing your social media presence
  • Managing all major social networks
  • Schedule posts & content
  • Monitoring comments & feedbacks
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Setting up campaign & analyse result
  • Generating weekly reports

Search Engine Optimisation

Creating a website is not enough today's intense competition. Your business has to rank out your competitors to get maximum clicks to your website. We ensure that you get the best possible Google search ranking and make focused efforts to improve over time by providing you end-to-end Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services.

List of services

  • Comprehensive On-site SEO analysis
  • Thorough Off-site analysis
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • Keyword identification
  • Updating Metadata & Content
  • Local business optimisation
  • Link building



Happy Clients
Total Saving for Clients
Deadlines Met
Total Support Hours



Part Time Assistant
£ 5.49
per hour
  • Hire part time assistant
  • Available for subscribed hours
  • Validity 1 week
  • Save £3.69/Hour
  • No Contract
  • Instant availability
Most popular
Full Time Assistant
£ 3.49
per hour
  • Hire full time assistant
  • Available 40 hours a week
  • Validity 52 weeks
  • Total savings £11773
  • One Year Contract
  • Availability within 2 weeks

* Total savings are based on London minimum wage of £9.15 per hour


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